What is Safelink?

What is Safelink? By using Safelink, users of the download url can avoid the detected viruses. If the site’s data file contains any type of data that is harmful to your device, then you will be warned by this page not to visit the url link.

What is Safelink?

Safelink is a page on a website or blog that is used to detect whether the intended URL link is safe or not from various threats of viruses and malware.

The antivirus used will perform a scan on the destination page that will be accessed so that you can avoid various kinds of viruses and malware. It’s quite easy and simple to use this page, you just wait a few moments then the site will automatically be scanned by Safelink so that the url link will be detected perfectly.

At Safelink blogger also provides interesting advertisements while you are waiting for the scanning process to be carried out. Some of the ads that appear may be of interest and benefit to you. If you feel that there are ads that are inappropriate to display during the scanning process, please contact the Blog Admin to get clarity and follow-up on the results of the advertisements displayed.
Here’s how to Download Files by Passing Safelink Blogger:

  1. Click Download Link or the URL link will be directed to the one provided by the website. Do not be mistakenly clicking on ads, usually many internet users are wrong by clicking on the advertisements displayed on the website.
  2. When you enter Safelink Blogger, you will usually be asked to wait a few seconds until the words “Get Link” appear. Click (select) “Get Link”, then you will be directed to the intended url.
  3. This page contains a link, just click the url of the download link. Don’t click the wrong one, each server provides different file hosting page display facilities.

If you are still confused about going through the existing blogger safelink, please leave a comment on this page or you can also directly contact the Blog Admin to get more clarity on how to get through the safelink. If you have a problem with the Safelink page, please report to the Admin immediately, the report you provide is very helpful for improving the quality of the blog. Thank you for visiting our blog.

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