How to install NihLink Safelink Template on Blogger (Documentation)

How to install NihLink Safelink Template on Blogger, NihLink is the best blogger safelink template ever on the blogspot blogger platform.

How To Install NihLink Safelink Template On Blogger

The following is how to install the NihLink Template on blogger :

1. Download File Safelink NihLink Template

To download the safelink NihLink theme, you can go directly to this page:
Download NihLink Safelink Blogger Template.

2. Extract and Open Template.XML File

Extract File NihLink.RAR and Open file Template.XML in Notepad

3. Copy And Paste Code Template

Open Template.xml and Copy All Code.
Open Go to Themes > Edit HTML> then delete all and paste the text from the HTML template. Click Save

4. Create an Article For the Safelink Page

Just insert this code

<div id='output'></div>

Or You Can Set The ID On Setting Section

Example :

<p>Eum ab autem quia impedit facere. Molestias nemo facere quo. Tenetur ea occaecati. Iusto minus repudiandae qui et dolore. At aut enim dicta aut mollitia beatae. Ipsam qui quia qui ut vel error animi.</p>
<div id='output'></div>
<p>Eius cumque magnam nisi nulla itaque consequatur doloremque sit. Enim voluptas tempore harum aliquid explicabo ut adipisci corrupti. Dolorem aut optio ab porro dolores. Ipsa repellendus commodi. Dolorem voluptatem quasi dolorem voluptas dignissimos aut. Aut cumque voluptate atque excepturi unde est ea quis dolores.</p>

Setting Blogger

Open, Go to Layout > Page-Setting > Setting

url: "", //blog url, if it is empty it will automatically use the blog url (don't add a slash at the end of the url)
page: "p/page.html", // url safelink page / safelink article
output: "#output", // place the output link, use the id attribute
fixednavbar: true, // please change to true / false if you want the Navbar to float
countdown: true, // please change to true / false if you want safelink page with countdown
timedown: 10, // countdown start
lang: {
  urlempty: "URL can not be empty",
  convertsuccess: "Convert URL success, copy url on box below",
  validtext: "HTTP, HTTPS, or WWW",
  gourltext: "Click here to go",
  nourl: "No URl here",
  errorconvert: "URL can not to convert",
  emptypass: "Password can not be empty",
  wrongpass: "Password is incorrect",
  countdowntext: "Please Wait {{anascountdown}} Second";

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